Thank you to everyone who agreed to share their experiences.

Male, 40's

“I was in a dark place and lost, couldn’t sleep, eat, lost focus and found it hard to function. Despite the efforts of friends and family, I felt I couldn’t talk to them and share my darkness in fear of ridicule or dragging them down with me. I got in touch with Laura. Here I got to share things and talk about very sensitive issues and share my struggles.

Laura was a sounding board who listened and talked to me, helped me see things in a different light and opened my eyes to a new perspective and ways to look at things, whilst my struggles are still here, I now have the tools to deal with difficult issues and I am less stressed and sleep better! It’s good to talk…trust me!”


Young Person, 14 years old

“Thank you for everything you have helped me with. I don’t think I would have been able to talk to anyone. I will never be able to put into words how thankful I am. You made everything a lot easier”

Female, 50's

“Every once in a while, you come across someone who genuinely wants to hear you, someone who sees past all the rubbish and will put themselves in your position…I was lucky to find this in you.

I like to think I am a strong woman who has had a few bumps in the road, but you supported me through this to the point where I can turn things around when I thought I never would.

You have a natural gift of not making me feel bad or useless, please don’t stop!”

Young person, 13 years old

“Thank you so much for everything you have done. You have helped me see there is more good than bad in everything. I didn’t think I could trust anyone then I met you and you were honestly amazing. I’m so much happier at school!”

Female, 30's

“My sessions with Laura have been life changing. She has helped me though some difficult emotions from things from my past.
I have C-PTSD, social anxiety and seasonal depression, and Laura has been able to help me and support me to grow and find my self-worth and confidence. I cannot recommend her enough. She is kind, caring and very patient. A truly gifted counsellor and therapist”.

Male, 20's

“Counselling isn’t about judging you, giving you the answers or permanent fix. It’s about listening to what you have to say and just talk, no judgements, taking sides or telling you right from wrong. It has helped me so much. Thank you Laura!”

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Thank you

It is a true honour and privilege to be part of my client’s journey and hope these testimonies give confidence and comfort if you are thinking about coming to counselling.