Short-term counselling

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Long-term therapy isn’t for everyone. If you have a specific goal in mind, a short-term counselling may work for you.

Short-term therapy consists of  6-10 weekly sessions with a specific focus. Sessions are held weekly or fortnightly and keeps a specific goal in mind. This goal is our focus throughout.

What to expect from short-term therapy

During our first session we will agree what specific goals you have in mind.
This will be followed by 6-10 sessions (weekly or fortnightly) focusing on the goals set out at the beginning.

Together, we will work on these goals and carefully monitor progress as the weeks pass.

Short-term, solution-focused counselling is also available for couples.


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Short-term counselling is useful for many, although not all, personal issues. Some issues require more in-depth and longer-term counselling.

We will discuss this in our first session whether your goals in therapy might be achieved through brief, time-limited therapy.

Short-term counselling has helped individuals with issues such as anxiety and stress, mild depression, assertiveness problems, relationship issues, self-confidence as well as family or work-related issues.

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  Find out if shorter-term counselling may be suitable for you

When starting therapy, it’s best to know what your expectations are from the beginning so we can monitor how things are going.

Fees for brief therapy are the same as for longer-term personal counselling.

For more information about the cost of therapy, please click here  to find out about fees.

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