Counselling Services Available

Adults, Young People and Children

Counselling Services available for individual, schools, parenting, family

and young people workshops.

I incorporate creative resources into my work if it seems it would be helpful.

If you would like some leaflets on the counselling services I offer please do contact me.


Individual counselling to help with a wide range of worries and concerns that may be impacting your life.

I work with what you bring, I will listen, and together we will find a way forward.

Young people

A page for young people who would like to know a little more about counselling.

Anxiety, acceptance, identity, family, friends, low mood, are just some of the areas young people face.

Lots of resources, videos and support coming soon!


When working therapeutically with children, I offer a wide range of resources to help children express feelings and thoughts that may be going on for them.

Creative counselling uses arts, crafts, toys, sand, pebbles, music, dance, movement or any other means the child would like!

Parenting and Family

Parenting can be hard. Often many feelings begin to emerge once we have children.

Our own childhood

Relationship difficulties


Sense of loss of pre-children life

Increase anxiety

Behaviour difficulties

I offer a consulting session where we can discuss your child’s behaviour and come up with a plan to support, along with a possible explanation as to why the child may be behaving in a certain way.

Or 1:1 counselling to explore what parenting has brought up for you.