Counselling for Young People

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teenage counselling

Do you feel different?

Our identity is all about who we are. During your teenage years you may feel isolate or confused about who you are or who you want to be.

This is a great website from The Children’s Society that may help explain more.

Much of my work has been with young people helping them be comfortable with you they are.

Do you feel alone or depressed?

Feeling low, not sleeping, crying are just some of the signs of feeling depressed.

Being a teenager brings many difficult times, but when they become overwhelming may be the time to reach out and ask for help.

Seeing a counsellor can offer a confidence that what you are feeling and saying will be met with kindness and acceptance.

Have a read through the Young Minds website. It has some excellent advice.

Are you stressed out with exams?

If you are feeling stressed that your exams have been cancelled, you are not alone.

Childline have some great advice. We can talk this through if you are worried and concerned.

Does it feel like anxiety is controlling you?

Anxiety feels uncomfortable doesn’t it? But did you now it is essential for us to have anxiety. Anxiety keeps us safe!

Our fight, flight, freeze response is essential for survival. Watch this video I love the way it explains this concept!

Yet, if it is impacting your daily activities then it is important to talk to someone.

Are you self-harming? Having suicidal thoughts?

There will be a reason behind this.

Let’s work together, not to necessarily focus on the behaviour, but to find out what is behind it.

This self-harm website is quite direct so please only click if you feel happy too.

Young person looking self-confident and happy because of counselling

Counselling for young people has exactly the same principles as adult counselling. I may ask a few more questions or use different tools but the foundation is the same.

Everything we talk about is completely confidential, I won’t tell anyone what you have told me.


* I can help you to feel better about yourself, how to cope with problems caused by others, in other words I may give you some great tips on how to make your life easier and less stressful.
* I’m here to listen to you. To support you.
* I won’t judge you or take sides. I won’t tell you off or disapprove in any way. However, I may challenge your thoughts, equally you may disagree! This is all part of the process.
* We can chat at your pace, and I won’t expect you to share anything until you’re ready.
Take a minute to have a look at my blog about the benefits of social media and how counselling for young people can help you.