Couples counselling

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Couples counselling allows you and your partner to communicate openly in hope to find solutions.

Relationships are important to most of us but maintaining them can be difficult. As we become more independent and self-sufficient, relationships can become challenging! There are many issues that can threaten our relationships. Coming to couples counselling can offer the opportunity to speak freely about how you are experiencing the relationship.

Problems within intimate relationships is one of the most common reasons people seek couples counselling. Once our emotional connection begins to go, the physical side is never too far behind.



Can couples counselling help?

Couples seek relationship counselling for many reasons:


  • To resolve ongoing relationship problems
  • To work through recent conflicts 
  • Help with sexual or intimacy within the relationship
  • Address unhealthy dynamics
  • As a last resort, to try and save your relationship
  • Ending your relationship, but wanting to end on good terms
Couple counselling

What to expect from couples counselling

As with individual therapy, your first appointment will provide an opportunity for each of you to identify any relationship issues you have. We may agree specific goals and begin a process of focused, open communication. My role will be to facilitate this and offer tips, advice or thoughts.

Together, in our first session, we can address any concerns you may have about how couples counselling may help.

Ultimately, I am unbiased — I do not take sides. I understand that issues within relationships are often very private and personal. I will not judge your personal choices or sexual experiences.

Couple counselling in Bedford

Making your first appointment

My hope is that first appointments will take place within one week, although circumstances mean sometimes I will need to operate a short waiting list. We will find an appointment that’s convenient to you and your partner wherever possible.

I am experienced in managing sessions in a structured, straightforward manner. I am trained to make sure that both partners get a fair and equal voice during the sessions.

Relationship therapy is not just for couples. Individuals with relationship problems may consider personal counselling to help understand and resolve any intimacy or sexual issues within personal relationships.


Sessions are £70 for 60 minutes