The ‘new’, new normal

Sep 7, 2020

167 days… the start of the ‘new’, new normal

Feels like forever since I set the alarm or put a pack lunch together or set out the school uniform ready for the next day.
A real ‘bath night’ with hair washing, nails cut, everything scrubbed rather than a splash whenever we remembered that they hadn’t washed in 5 days. Now there is purpose.

Six months out

Feels like after 6 months of lockdown we are being catapulted back into the world at full speed…ready or not!
For me, I’m ready.

I like routine, I enjoy my children being out in the world learning, playing, growing. Don’t get me wrong, the last few months our new normal has been wonderful. Life slowed,

I spend hours upon hours in my children’s company learning more about them as they learnt more about me ( and how ‘work’ mummy needs at least 14 cups of tea a day to function, and speaks in a ‘serious’ voice on the phone, a great source of amusement to them as you can imagine!)

I have loved this time. When are we ever going to have 6 months in our child’s company again? It has been a once in a lifetime opportunity to bond deeply as a family. Priceless.


Not just that, I have been able to leave my full-time job and leap into the world of self-employment. From the middle of July my counselling practice had grown enough for me to become my own boss. What a leap of faith that was. And I loved it! I now can let my mind run free; what is it I need? Money…yes that is a priority because I need to live but it is so much more than that.

Freedom to allow my mind to rome and grab new opportunities, to market myself with how I want others to see me not squeeze into a job role description but absolutely the biggest thing to come out this is that I feel valued.

I have been in some truly awful jobs where I became a shadow of who I am. Trying to impress people, grabbing the attention from peers so I would get the next opportunity, trying to be perfect…

Don’t just make do

I suppose what I’m trying to say is don’t just ‘make do’. If this lockdown has taught us anything it should be how quickly our life, our freedom can be taken. How short life is and to reflect on what our new ‘new’ normal looks like.

Value yourself by your own standards not someone else’s gage of you. If you are not happy in your job, with your relationship or your home have courage that this can change.

Lockdown has been a strange time but one that I have cherished. Time to grow deeper as a person and closer to my family.
What will this week bring…lots of stories back from school I hope, excitement about what they’ve learnt but a sense of belonging in the world again.

Stay safe all.

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