Parenting and family support

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You may need support with parenting, or your child or teenager may be struggling with loss, trauma or behavioural problems, you may benefit from having a safe therapeutic space to work through your issues.

Parents/carers of children and young people can benefit from support when things become difficult with children’s behaviour or mood.

I can support you to look at how to manage your child’s issues at home and help understand what makes your child or teenager tick. I keep up to date with research and (as best I can!) the latest trend and Tik ToK!

Let’s make a plan¬†

Together we can work towards helping children to become happier, so they are able to reach their full potential as well as looking after you to ensure you feel empowered. After all it is your home!

If appropriate I can offer Attachment Focused Therapy to parents/carers, who may be struggling to build a positive bond with their child. The focus of the work is the relationship between the parent/carer and child. I am trained to help parents and children to build on their relationships and reconnect if relationships have broken down.

What Happens

I provide a non-judgmental approach to help you get back on track to be the great parents they truly are. Using research and experience from previous rolls, I use therapeutic interventions which combines well researched methods of attachment theory, trauma recovery models, creative arts therapies and play therapy techniques in order to encourage growth and change in the relationship between the you and child.

I have specialist knowledge working with children and young people as both a primary and secondary school counsellor in both the private and public sectors.

Bedford Early Help

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Bedford  has lots of local support avaliable. This is an up to date website with lots of services and organisations.


Autism Bedfordshire

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This local charity offers advice, support and groups for parents, siblings and children affected by autism.


Early Childhood Partnership

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Information about local children centres, health visitors and and groups.


Teenage Behaviour Advice

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Really useful webiste with lots of advice.

Parenting 1:1 support

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This webiste offers 1:1 chat with parenting coaches. Relationship advice and emotional support.

Teen aggression and arguments

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This NHS website is full of good tips and advice for managing the teenage years.

These helplines and website are great for general advice and support but of course each and every one of us is unique, with our own stories, experiences and relationships.

I work with parents, children, families to work through worries and issues to make life at home a little easier.

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