Five Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

Dec 23, 2019

If getting out of bed in the morning is even harder this month, you may not be imagining it. How could you feel happier in the winter months?

The lack of sunshine, combined with the psychological effect of the shorter days, effects eight out of ten of us in one way or another.

Here are my five top tips to help you feel more motivated as we head towards spring.

Prioritise sleep  It is so important to our overall wellbeing. Get in bed at least half an hour before you plan to go to sleep and prepare for the ultimate faff around which we all do, right?

Sunlight Walk to the shops, hijack the family dog or sit next to a well-lit window. Natural sunlight regulates our internal body clock, hormones and even our metabolism.

Eat expensive chocolate During the darker months we begin to crave an amino acid called trytophan, found in dark chocolate. Trytophan is involved in the manufacture of the feel-good hormone serotonin. Choose a high cocoa bean content for best effect. Click here to find a list of other foods that can help!

Plan Research has shown people who travel get a greater boost of happiness from the anticipation of the trip than the trip itself. So, think about where you would like to visit, plan days trips out, imagine sitting on a warm beach, sipping drinks… the best way to feel happier in the winter months!

Self-care Soak in a bath, read a book, retail therapy (yep I said it), listen to a podcase. Do something that makes you feel good. This will lift your mood and self-confidence!

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