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Alongside my counselling practice in Wixams, I also do a lot of work counselling in schools. As well as one to one session for pupils and staff, I also create several successful workshops. These can be bespoke to fit the needs of your school or we can use the pre-planned sessions. Whatever service is needed.

My experience of working with parents, children and young people span almost 20 years. During this time I have work within social care, education and a variety of charities. My focus has always been person-centred making the individual central to the work (even within group sessions).

The foundations are there so we can work together to deliver a service right for your pupils and/or staff.

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One-to-one counselling in schools

Depending on the age of the pupil’s sessions can run between 20 minute to 60 minutes.

Therefore, within 3 hours I could see 5 pupils for example.

For one to one sessions, I contract £50 an hour. This time can be used however you would like.


Staff wellbeing is incredibly important to increase staff retention, decrease staff absence and improve staff morale. A workforce that feel heard, valued and cared for will be more productive in their role (teacher or support staff).

Similarly, the cost is £50 per hour. Likewise, this time may be used as one to one sessions for individuals or a drop-in service for staff.



During my career, I have developed and gained much experience in how groups work together. With this intention, we can use group situations to explore how we relate to others, what we gain from others and how we form relationships.

These workshops have a structure and process based on research and theory. As a result, all workshops can be adapted to different age groups, behaviour traits and parents

  • Developing Self-Esteem (max. 6 per group)
  • Mindfulness and Relaxation – ideal for exams season. (max. 6 per group)
  • Managing Anxiety and Panic (max. 6 per group)
  • Understanding Self-Harm – this can be adapted for those who are taking part in self-harm or to support staff and parents to understand this behaviour, the reasons behind it and dispel the common myths out there.

For more information about the benefits of school counselling please click here.

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