Counselling for Children

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I offer counselling for children over the age of 7. My therapy room offers a warm, welcoming, friendly space for children to explore their fear and worries. As a result, we can work out together some strategies and ways to feel better.

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Children often show their distress in their outward behaviour. Sometimes they do not feel confident to talk, or they are too young to explain in words.

I provide therapeutic art and play to help them work through their issues in a safe and child friendly way.

Children instinctively know how to work through conflicts and traumas by using play and creativity. I can help facilitate this process for young children in their counselling sessions and offer guidance and support to parents so you can continue to support your child at home.

Creative Counselling

I use a range of creative techniques to support your child in understanding their feelings and emotions.

This includes:

  • Sand tray
  • Pebbles
  • Crystals
  • Paint, crayons, pencils
  • Craft
  • Puppets
  • Toys

We will use whatever the child feels comfortable with and have some fun whilst we explore what’s happening.

“When you’re free, you can play and when you’re playing, you become free” – Heidi Kaduson

What can parents expect?

I invite the parent into the first few sessions and this is for a two reasons.

The first being for the child’s benefit. I would not expect a young child to be left with a stranger in any situation and the counselling room is no different. The first few sessions will be relationship building, so we will play ‘get to know you’ games, drawing, chatting. I wouldn’t normally discuss the reason for counselling until the child feels comfortable with us talking about this.

The second reason is for you, as the parent, to feel confident that you feel comfortable leaving your child with me. You are welcome to see my credentials, DBS certificate (police check) and question me as much as you need to feel comfortable. You are also welcome to explore my room and the resources I have.

I wouldn’t normally share with you what we are discussing in our session unless the child would like me to. The reason for this is so you child has that confidentiality to explore their feelings. It is a unique relationship I will have with your child, an adult that they can share anything with.

It is normal to feel strange about this relationship and I am happy to talk this through with you at any point. Please click here for more information about creative counselling.