Welcome to my counselling blog. Take some time, put your feet up and have a browse...

Welcome to my counselling blog

Thoughts, views, opinions snd everything inbetween!

Short blogs, long blogs who knows but I do hope you enjoy them.

To repeat or not to repeat?

To repeat or not to repeat?

Have you ever noticed that the same circumstances show up in your life over and over again? Do you seem to repeat the same dysfunctional relationship patterns – even though they will leave you frustrated and hurt? Why does a woman with an emotionally distant mother...

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Self-isolation: an opportunity for renewal

As we enter our third week of lockdown, we settle into our new ‘normal’. The realisation that we may be in this situation for weeks, maybe months, has hit home. Self-isolation may be protecting our physical health but what about managing our mental health....

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Men’s Mental Health

A good friend of mine has  started a blog on his own journey through mental health. With very kind permission he has allowed me to share Just someone trying to get through life 

 A wonderful and honest view of getting through each day.